Michelle Louise

Michelle is originally from northern Minnesota and has been surrounded by music her whole life. Her mother was a gifted vocalist, pianist and guitar player. Michelle started playing piano around age 5, guitar at age 13, and has been singing for as long as she can remember. Michelle moved to Arizona in 2019 and played in local bands until she joined the Dry Heat Band in 2021. Michelle clicked instantly with Dry Heat and delivers powerhouse vocals that have been compared to many of her idols such as Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin.

David Caldon (D.C.) Guitar Pikkin’ Harpsucker

Although born in San Diego in 1957, he grew up in the Mojave Desert near Barstow, CA. He cut his teeth on guitar by strumming around the campfire with his father, Buck Caldon and learned his first blues riffs in an abandoned boxcar just a stones-throw away from old Route 66 National Trails Highway. His experience as a musician includes several years of Southern Rock in Texas and Louisiana, as well as several decades playing with numerous Heavy Rock, Classic Rock, Country Rock and Variety Rock groups in California, Nevada and Northwest Arizona.

Diversity is his forte and stylistic impression is his aspiration…..

Mike Villa

Hi there, I am the bassist for The Dry Heat Band. I grew up in Southern California and started playing guitar at an early age but switched to bass guitar some years later. I played in several bands in and around Southern California. I started playing bass with the Dry Heat Band in 2015 when I moved to the Tri-State area. I enjoy all types of music and love performing in front of a live audience.

Chuck McCullough

Chuck is one of the original members of The Dry Heat Band. Chuck started playing drums while in junior high school and continued through high school. After high school, Chuck enlisted in the Air Force and played drums in the Air Force band. Chuck spent some time touring the west coast but that took him away from his wife and kids and he decided that wasn’t for him. Chuck settled down with the Dry Heat in 2014.